New Client Welcome Kit

You spend days, weeks, sometimes months working to secure your client. After all the time and attention during the sales cycle, it’s important not to lose your new client’s excitement and engagement, but also important to take a step back and revisit exactly how the two of you will work together. Creating a welcome packet, to be delivered shortly after the sale closes, is a great way to continue showing the love and start the relationship off on the right foot.

The New Client Welcome Kit includes a foundational set of documents to start your client relationship off on the right foot.

Welcome letter Acknowledges your new client, lists what is included along with the letter, any follow-up instructions and a reminder about the date of your first session.

Business goals worksheet  To be completed and returned before the first coaching session. This is where your clients can list their goals for their business. It can help you to prepare for first client coaching session.

Payment arrangement form  This form details the payment arrangement that the client entered into when they signed up for sessions on your coaching website. It needs to include date of recurring payment, payment amount, what service is being rendered and payment type options.

Client receipt copy  This simply states that their payment for their first month of coaching was received. They can file it for their records. This should be generated by your payment processor.

Coaching Agreement  It is important for them to read it carefully and sign one copy to be returned to you. If coaching is done over the telephone or through another medium like Skype, clients may sign and fax a signed agreement or scan and send it to you as a PDF file.

Coaching Success Guidelines This is your code of conduct for business coaching sessions. You may also include a copy of any guidelines that you observe as a member of a professional business coaching association.

Accountability Agreement – This form will help you align your style and communications with your client’s expectations.

Client Intake Form – This form will be used to capture key client details.

Coaching History Form – This form will allow you to better understand your client’s coaching history and approaches which may not work for your client.

Session Preparation Checklist – This form will help clients show up prepared.

Ongoing Pre- Call Form – This worksheet is to be completed by the client 24 hours in advance of the session to help you prepare for the call, and to assist your client with revisiting their successes and failures.

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