Tricia Rice
Certified Project Management Professional

I train
your project teams
to masterfully execute
so you can be
free to expand
your influence


Project Management Training For Everybody

Step up your game and learn project management techniques to over deliver!

coming spring 2018!
My Favorite Things

You found your passion, created the vision, and it’s now a real thing. Really real.

Your tribe is growing, and your influence expanding faster than you ever expected.

With all this growth, you’ve noticed you have less time to change lives, which is making you feel like a bird without wings.

You know the business side is a necessary evil, but there has to be a better way.

oh yes, my friend, there is

You are growing – your plans, your tribe, your list. But the hours available in the day remain the same.

Nights are the only times you can really get anything done for your business.

How would it feel to wake up in the morning with a status report in your inbox letting you know all the stuff you loathe to do is complete?

To know that if you wanted to hop on the line with your team after the kids are in bed, you could?

Can you imagine starting your day knowing you have nothing but growing your business and caring for your customers ahead of you?

Wouldn’t this be fantastic?

I’m Tricia, project strategist.
I support creative entrepreneurs by offering left brained project strategy and execution so you can focus on the right side of your business.

You know that feeling you get when your client overcomes that one issue which has been holding them back from success?

That’s how I feel seeing you reach your full potential.

My heart skips a beat when I write a good project plan, my pulse races while working through a show-stopping issue during a launch, and my soul is set free while coaching a resource to improve delivery.

Yes, those parts of your business you’d rather not deal with, I’ve got that.

Tricia was instrumental in configuring and deploying a software package that targeted marketing professionals. She produced a demo environment that reflected a real world workflow along with the sophisticated features of our software. Additionally, she personally lead numerous product presentations and training sessions for internal and external clients. She is detail oriented and a great coworker.


Tricia was the Project Manager on many projects with me. She did a stellar job managing client expectations early-on. She also assembled client changes in specifications, and foresaw when updates contradicted earlier requests. Tricia also was more than willing to jump in and actually do Development and QA work as the need arose; she has a great attention to detail, which helps in those roles.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again in future projects and can thoroughly recommend her as a resource.

Scott G

more about tricia (me!)

One might ask, who the heck actually wants to do this stuff and why?

I do. Every personality assessment I’ve done says say I was born to serve. At this point in life, I can’t disagree.

I started my career by serving eight years on Active Duty in the US Army. Yup, lady veteran here! While serving my country, I learned valuable lessons about loyalty, duty, disciplne, and selfless service. I’d work long days and nights to ensure the mission was successful. I’d push myself and my team to be the best of the best of the best, settling for nothing less.

I became who I am today – a to the point, devoted soldier – on a mission to help others succeed.

My values define me, and drive me to keep on serving, long after the boots have started to collect dust.

Beyond my Army times, I’ve served clients working as a Project Manager for software vendors. I’ve done this for over ten years. In this role I had seen great success working on projects within top financial institutions as well as one person shows (my absolute faves). The more I worked with the small guys, the more I realized… I am pretty fab as #2 and love to be the woman behind the scenes.

Ya’ll are powerhouses. You are crazy smart with big dreams, and my logical and straight to the point self admires everything you do. You deserve the same gameplans and methodologies to get shyt done as the big guys, but with more heart and less overhead. You don’t need people who know how to manage multi-million dollar projects (who has that budget?!) but you do need someone who can make magic happen with next to nothing. That’s what you get when you work with me!

I’ve spent years learning the best practices and rules for leading teams (and when when to break them all).

I’ve earned the certifications so you don’t have to struggle through.

I’ve been in the trenches of over 250 projects in the last 18 months alone, and have mastered the art of doing more with less.

I’ve built out the tools and structure you need to start finally checking off those to-dos and throwing away those sticky notes.

I’ve helped to document procedure to help businesses streamline and grow.

I’ve hired and lead teams to accomplish amazing results.

And I am ready to support you in your next mission.

coming spring 2018!

Project Management Training For Everybody

Step up your game and learn project management techniques to over deliver!